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Bacirubati Batida Poncho


Bacirubati – Hosiery

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An Italian design with sapphire blue golden stars and great gold wings can easily be traced back to one particular edifice in Northern Italy the clock tower in Venice. St Marks Clock tower has been the source of inspiration for Bacirubatis collection this year. The famous clock is rendered in the same stunning deep jewel like blue as this poncho has the same abundant scattering of stars and even features the golden wings that you can spot near the top. Why has this designer chosen this particular spot as its subject matter? The Middle Ages are a popular period for the world of swimwear with the billowing sleeves and gentle embroidery of Boho chic coming straight from this time. Now this designer wants to take that trend further and find the most regal and aristocratic looks and bring them into the current century. This poncho has an adjustable waist for the perfect fit.

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