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Variation #2824 of 5 Cities 55/50cm Lightweight Trolley Hand Luggage Cabin Bag


Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags Ltd

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Weighing between the weight of an iPad (21″) and the weight of a laptop (29″), the Aerolite range ensures that you?ll spend less time worrying about meeting baggage weight restrictions, and more time enjoying your holiday. You?ll even be able to pick up the luggage with one finger! The 18″ model is compatible with all cabin size restrictions whilst the 21″ will be suitable for the majority including Ryanair; please check with your airline before-hand.

It features a sturdy grip handle which is fully retractable when not in use, handily accessible via a push button. This Aerolite suitcase is made from a very tough, hard-wearing Jacquard material which will ensure your luggage will resist the rigours of travelling, wherever you end up in the world. It features reinforced corners which, unlike some lightweight luggage options, safe-guard the security of your contents.

The bag features two front-facing pockets which are fastened by a dual-zip feature, ensuring you’ll have easy access to important items such as your passport, travel money, headphones or in-flight entertainment devices.

What Capacity do I need?

80L suitcases will roughly allow you to carry an estimate of 20 shirts, 10 skirts, 4 large towels, Toiletries and 6 pairs of shoes.


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